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Monroe Township Seal, Miami County, Ohio
Monroe Township, Miami County, Ohio

Monroe Township, Tipp City, Ohio 45371


Welcome to the online home of Monroe Township, which is located at the crossroads of Interstate 75 and State Route #571 in south-central Miami County, Ohio. This website serves to provide information about the history and functions of Monroe Township to all interested persons.

Monore Township Bicentennial Celebration

The Monroe Township Trustees held an Official Proclamation Ceremony at their meeting on February 5 honoring the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Monroe Township, Miami County, Ohio. The board “proudly proclaimed this the Monroe Township Bicentennial Year”.

A Proclamation
Monroe Township Bicentennial

Be it known that:

Whereas, in Ohio, the township predates our state govenment, the townships' size and shape having been determined by Congressional Acts establishing the various land grants and as the Ohio territory became populated, it was only natural that the surveyed townships should become the basic unit of local government; and

Whereas, in honor of the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Monroe Township, Miami County,Ohio, the Board of Township Trustees, Township Fiscal Officer and Township employees celebrate this significant milestone in this Township's history; and

Whereas, the Township was named after James Monroe, fifth President of the United States of America (1817-1825), an original Founding Father of this great country; and

Whereas, on February 3, 1818, the Board of Township Trustees convened the first meeting of the newly formed Township; and

Whereas, for 200 years, members of this community, past and present, have strived to make Monroe Township a desirable place to live, and we recognize the important role they all have played in establishing pride in their community.

Now Therefore be it resolved that we, the Monroe Township Board of Trustees, Miami County, Ohio, hereby proudly proclaim this the Monroe Township Bicentennial Year, beginning this day through the last day of December, 2018.

In Witness Whereof, we have set our hands this 5th day of February, 2018.

Monroe Township Board of Trustees and Fiscal Officer

Monroe Township Bicentennial Celebration (continued)

Welcoming remarks and presentations were made by the Township Trustees, Phillip G. Cox, Martin E. English and Ronald D. Thuma which included a reading of the Bicentennial Proclamation and recognition of the Offical Bicentennial Seal of Monroe Township. Other presentations covered the 1818 U.S. Flag History by Tippecanoe Masonic Lodge No. 174; reading of an Ohio Senate Commendation from Ohio Senator William D. Beagle; a Commendation from Miami County Commissioners' by Commissioner John F. "Jack" Evans; reading of an Ohio House of Representatives Commendation from State Representative Dr. Stephen A. Huffman; a Monroe Township Founders presentation by Tippecanoe Historical Society's Jaqueline (Wells) Wahl; and information about Early Monroe Township Schools by Tipp City Schools Assistant Superintendent Galen Gingerich.

Additional guests recognized at this special event included Miami County Commissioners John W. "Bud" O'Brien and Gregory A. Simmons, Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak, Tipp City Police Chief Eric Burris, Tipp City Fire Chief Steve Kesseler, Tipp City Emergency Medical Services Chief Jeff Calicoat, Miami County Park District Executive Director J. Scott Myers, and Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Brian O. Martin.

Twenty Star U.S. Flag 1818

Donatedby: Tippecanoe Lodge No. 174
Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio

Realizing that the addition of a new star and new strip for each new state was impractical, Congress passed the Flag Act of 1818 which returned the Flag design to 13 strips and specified 20 stars for the 20 states. This Flag became the Offical United States Flag on April 13th, 1818. Five stars were added forthe admission of Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi, and was to last for just one year July 4th, 1819. The only President to serve under this flag was James Monroe (1817-1825).

News and Announcements...

As the Ohio Territory became populated, it was only natural that the surveyed townships should become the basic unit of local government. In 1818, Monroe Township, the most south-central township in Miami County, developed its governing body. This came about some 15 years after the establishment of the State of Ohio in 1803 and Miami County in 1807. In the early years, township government cared for the poor, maintained the roads, preserved the peace, registered brands and fulfilled the needs of local government generally.

Monroe Township Building - 1915The Monroe Township Building was erected about 1915 on the southeast corner of Third and Main Streets in Tipp City. This building provided a permanent meeting place for all official meetings of Monroe Township to conduct business. The building was also a community gathering place for traveling play groups, school functions, and town meetings.

In 1916 a big Seth Thomas town clock was installed on the building. The clock was originally designed to run and be rewound every eight days, but was later fully automated and to this day continues to chime out the hours.

Just as they were in 1818, Monroe Township and all other Ohio townships are a political subdivision of the state of Ohio. As such, townships have only those powers granted to it by the state legislature and perform functions defined by the state. To keep pace with the demands of changing times, the functions, duties and obligations of the township have changed over the years. Demands for increased or different services have prompted the state legislature to grant Ohio's 1,309 townships the authority to fulfill many of the changing demands.

Township administration in all Ohio townships is governed by three trustees and a fiscal officer, each elected for a four-year term. Officially they fill their offices on a part-time basis, but they are always ready to meet their responsibilities and put in many hours of work to serve their constituents. Their accessibility to the township residents and their intimate knowledge of their community, its needs, and its citizens enables them to offer more personal service than any other unit of government.

The Monroe Township Board of Trustees meets regularly at the Monroe Township Meeting Room on the first and third Mondays of each month to conduct Township government business. When the first or third Monday falls on a National Holiday, the Township Board meeting is held on the next Tuesday. All special meetings are advertised. There are public comment sections listed in each meeting agenda and the public is welcome to address the Board at meetings.

Today, the geographic area of Monroe Township is composed of approximately 31 square miles, including about 7 square miles in the incorporated City of Tipp City. The Monroe Township Trustees govern the un-incorporated areas of the township while governance of the incorporated area is by the Tipp City Council. According to the 2010 Census, Monroe Township has a population of about 15,560, with 5,864 persons living in the unincorporated area while the population in the incorporated area is 9,696 persons.

The major priority for the Monroe Township Trustees and their staff is to provide needed services while maintaining the quality of life that the township residents have come to enjoy.